Our Priorities

Michigan House Democrats are delivering on the issues that matter most to you.

Fighting Like Hell for Reproductive Rights

Abortion rights are under threat in Michigan. With Roe vs. Wade gone, an extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest is on the verge of going back into effect. But we are fighting like hell to keep abortion safe and legal.

Our plan:

  • Strike the 1931 abortion ban from the books
  • Fighting the archaic ban in court
  • Pass the Reproductive Health Act
  • Affirm the right to reproductive care in our State constitution

Providing Real Relief Right Now

House Dems know that everyone is feeling the pinch of rising prices, which is why we are fighting for real solutions that put Michiganders’ hard-earned dollars back in their pockets – not next year, not next tax season, right now!

Our plan:

  • Repeal the retirement tax
  • Expand the earned income tax credit

Investing in Education for Every Kid

Every child deserves access to a great public education, no matter where they live. After decades of underinvestment from Republicans, House Democrats finally delivered the funding to level the playing field with a historic $7 billion education budget. House Dems will continue to build on these transformational investments and fight back against attacks on public schools.

Our plan:

  • Fund public schools at historic levels
  • Secure millions to recruit and retain teachers
  • Fight and beat Betsy DeVos’s privatization agenda
  • Deliver Pre-K for all Michigan four year olds, putting them on a path to a brighter future and saving families $10,000/year.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community and neighborhoods. That’s why House Dems are delivering historic funding for public safety, police, and fire departments across Michigan. We’re also fighting for more mental health resources in our schools and communities.

Our plan:

  • Secure millions for police officer retention and training
  • Get more funding for mental health resources

Protecting Your Vote

Voting is one of our most fundamental rights, and it’s critical that you have a voice in your state government. With voting rights under attack by extremist Republicans across the country and here at home, House Dems are fighting to protect your freedom to vote and are fighting to pass laws that shine a light on Lansing and hold elected leaders accountable.

Our plan:

  • Pass our Right to Vote package to protect voting rights from partisan attacks
  • Give clerks the support they need to run safe, secure elections
  • Pass transparency laws to subject the legislature to FOIA
  • Crack down on conflicts of interest and strengthening financial disclosure requirements for legislators

Fixing Our Roads

We need tough, safe, and reliable roads and we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make transformational investments in our infrastructure. We’ve already secured millions of dollars to fix local roads and bridges from Macomb to Marquette.

Our plan:

  • Secure millions for local roads and bridge projects
  • Rebuild Michigan’s future using federal infrastructure dollars

Safeguarding Our Drinking Water

Michigan’s water is our most precious natural resource, and House Dems have always fought to safeguard every family’s drinking water and hold corporate polluters accountable. With hundreds of thousands of lead pipes across the state, it’s time Michigan had a Democratic majority that will prioritize replacing them safely and quickly.

Our plan:

  • Make polluters pay for their messes
  • Use federal infrastructure funding to replace lead service lines statewide
  • Prevent water shutoffs
  • Treat and eliminate the threat of lead poisoning in every community

Health Care

Democrats have always gone to bat for your family’s ability to access the healthcare services they need. We’ll make sure that Michiganders across the state can get and afford the help they need, including mental health support.

Our plan:

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Make insulin affordable for Michigan families
  • Expand access to mental health care with community-driven solutions
  • Deliver $40 million for school resource officers