Let’s flip the house.

We’re taking back the Michigan House in 2022. Chip In.

Michigan is making a comeback.

Michigan’s COVID recovery is one of the best in the nation and our economic jumpstart is just getting started. Thanks to House Democrats’ family-first policies, we’ve made historic investments in Michigan’s future. But we still have work to do.

We’ve already passed a historic $70 billion budget with transformational investments in childcare, schools and teachers, roads and bridges, and clean water. And we’ve delivered millions in tax relief for small businesses across the state.

But Republicans have sat on hundreds of millions of dollars for Michigan’s recovery while they pick political fights with the Governor, chip away at our freedom to vote, and rush through legislation that only benefits the likes of Betsy DeVos.

Michigan is ready for a Democratic majority that will put YOU first, and with fair districts for the first time in decades, 2022 is our best chance to take back the House and build a better Michigan for all.

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