Meet Our Members

Get to know the members of the Michigan House.

We are current Democratic State Representatives and candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives. We fight for you and your families every day in Lansing and across Michigan. Learn more about our values and the legislation we’ve introduced to prioritize them in Michigan.

Christine Greig
Democratic Leader

District 37

Yousef Rabhi
Democratic Floor Leader

District 53

Donna Lasinski
Campaign Chair

District 52

Kevin Hertel
Finance Chair

District 18

Julie Brixie
Campaign Vice-Chair

District 69

Joe Tate
Finance Vice-Chair

District 2

Kristy Pagan
Recruitment Chair

District 21

Sarah Anthony
Caucus Chair

District 68

Darrin Camilleri
Caucus Whip

District 23

Kyra Bolden
Assistant Leader

District 35

Matt Koleszar
Assistant Leader

District 20

Mari Manoogian
Campaign Board Member

District 40

Abdullah Hammoud
Campaign Board Member

District 15

Tenisha Yancey

District 1

Wendell Byrd

District 3

Cynthia Johnson

District 5

Tyrone Carter

District 6

LaTanya Garrett

District 7

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo

District 8

Karen Whitsett

District 9

Leslie Love

District 10

Jewell Jones

District 11

Alex Garza

District 12

Frank Liberati

District 13

Cara A. Clemente

District 14

Kevin Coleman

District 16

Laurie Pohutsky

District 19

John Chirkun

District 22

Nate Shannon

District 25

Jim Ellison

District 26

Robert Wittenberg

District 27

Lori Stone

District 28

Brenda Carter

District 29

Bill Sowerby

District 31

Cynthia Neeley

District 34

Padma Kuppa

District 41

Sheryl Kennedy

District 48

John Cherry

District 49

Tim Sneller

District 50

Ronnie Peterson

District 54

Rebekah Warren

District 55

John Hoadley

District 60

Jim Haadsma

District 62

Kara Hope

District 67

Angela Witwer

District 71

David LaGrand

District 75

Rachel Hood

District 76

Terry J. Sabo

District 92

Vanessa Guerra

District 95

Brian K. Elder

District 96

Sara Cambensy

District 109

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