Our Priorities

Michigan House Democrats are delivering on the issues that matter most to you.

Building a first-rate economy

COVID-19 sent shockwaves through communities across the country and here at home. We know that we need smart economic policies that benefit all Michiganders, attract talent and industry, and put our state back on top. That’s why we delivered:

  • $7 billion in investment in Michigan manufacturing, bringing over 4,000 jobs
  • $200 million in tax relief for small businesses
  • $100 million in community revitalization grants
  • $500 million deposit into Michigan’s rainy day fund
  • Full funding for Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners, expanding our skilled workforce

Setting students up for success

Michigan House Dems are on the side of students and teachers and are fighting for the investments in our public schools that Michigan families deserve. We:

  • Delivered historic, $17 billion school budget, the largest investment in preK-12 schools in Michigan’s history
  • Expanded preK access to as many as 22,000 children
  • Introduced 18-bill package to solve the teacher shortage and give teachers the respect they deserve

Putting families first

 It’s high time that Michigan families had a majority that works for them, not special interests and wealthy donors. We know that working families want real solutions to the problems they face every day. That’s why House Dems are putting more money in the pockets of Michiganders by:

Defending your freedom to vote

Your freedom to vote is the most fundamental right as an American. When you cast your ballot, you should have faith that elected leaders will honor your vote, even if they don’t like who you voted for.

Right now in Michigan, and in state legislatures across the country, your freedom is under attack. The GOP is purging their ranks of anyone who refuses to spew Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, and working to elect a radical Republican legislature that’s loyal to Trump and Trump alone.

As Michigan Republicans pass dozens of bills to restrict access to the ballot and make it harder for seniors, rural communities, military personnel, and working people to vote, House Dems are fighting back. Our comprehensive Right to Vote package:

  • Protects free and fair elections from partisan attacks
  • Ensures at least one absentee ballot drop box in every city or township
  • Eliminates barriers to the ballot box and keeps elections safe, secure and accessible

Infrastructure you can count on

It’s time to get serious about fixing Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure. A decade of Republican leadership in Lansing has left our roads and bridges to crumble and communities like Flint to suffer from contaminated water. With billions in federal infrastructure dollars avaialable to Michigan, House Democrats have put forward bold solutions that will build Michigan’s infrastructure to last for generations to come.

Roads & Bridges

We need better and safer roads. We rely on our infrastructure every day and we shouldn’t have to worry about our cars being damaged by the roads we drive on. Michigan’s infrastructure should be tough, reliable, and safe. That’s why we:

Clean Water

The water coming out of your faucet shouldn’t be something you worry about. Outdated wastewater and drinking water infrastructure is a problem that affects Michiganders across the state. To make sure that all Michigan families have clean, safe water, we introduced bills to do the following:

Broadband Internet Access

When school and work moved online during the pandemic, the disparity in internet access became clearer than ever. Broadband internet access isn’t a luxury in the 21st century economy, it’s a necessity. Without access to reliable high speed internet, students fall behind their peers, and hardworking people are denied opportunity.

When it comes to investment in Michigan and our rural families, Republicans can’t be trusted to deliver solutions that last and actually solve problems. We’re working to ensure broadband internet access is a vital piece of infrastructure for the 21st century.

Health Care

Democrats have always gone to bat for your family’s ability to access the healthcare services they need. We’ll make sure that Michiganders across the state can get the help they need, including mental health support.

Prescription Drugs

Being able to afford lifesaving medications shouldn’t be a hurdle for anyone . We work hard to defend and protect healthcare on behalf of Michigan families. We’re committed to lowering costs for Michiganders and making sure you and your family have access to the medications you need:

Mental Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone, but especially our friends, neighbors, and family members struggling with mental health issues. Mental health care is health care period. Addressing disparities in access to lifesaving care, and ensuring community mental health programs have the support and staffing they need to to serve patients is one of our top priorities. We are delivering:

Republicans are too busy trying to take away our healthcare to recognize that Michigan needs more support and access for mental health care. The need for mental health care is just as important as medical care. We believe that supporting better mental health care in Michigan is key to supporting Michiganders.

Protection for Our Great Lakes

With the longest freshwater coastline in the country, our Great Lakes are priceless. They are critical to our economy, essential for our environment, and one of the best parts about living in Michigan.

We’re working hard to protect our Great Lakes for generations to come. We’ve introduced legislation to: