Our Priorities

Michigan House Democrats are delivering on the issues that matter most to you.

COVID-19 Recovery

Families lost their loved ones, workers lost their jobs, and students lost their classrooms. As Michigan recovers from the global pandemic, it’s important to do it the right way. After so much instability, we’re committed to helping Michigan families bounce back safely.

Republicans are focused on playing politics while Michiganders need smart, reliable plans to help schools and businesses open safely and smartly. They want to cheap out on assistance and relief funds that would make a difference in the lives of Michigan families. We can’t afford that.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of our downtowns and Main Streets. They’ve been through a lot and it’s time they got some help. We’ve been hard at work. Here are a few ways we’ve supported small businesses that are so vital to Michigan:

  • Created the Michigan Mainstreet Initiative to help restaurants and local businesses with grants
  • Established the Michigan Microenterprise Support Initiative to help small businesses get back on their feet. 
  • Allocated $100 million dollars of federal funding to more than 14,000 small businesses affected by COVID-19

Republicans support tax cuts that would put more money in the pockets of large, out-of-state corporations and leave our small businesses behind with no support. We’re looking out for Michigan’s small businesses because we know they’re important pillars of our communities and state.


All of our kids should be able to count on a good public education. It’s been a priority of ours for a long time. We’re committed to standing up and fighting for public education because we know that it matters to working Michigan families. We introduced legislation:

Republicans refuse to provide enough funding for our public schools, making it harder for our kids to get a quality public education and harder for teachers and school staff to do their jobs. It’s time to provide the support that our teachers and kids need.


We’re proud of Michigan’s long history of working hard and fighting for the freedom to negotiate together. Michigan families rely on. We work hard to make sure that out-of-state corporations don’t get handouts that hurt local economies, businesses, and families. We introduced legislation:

Because they’re looking out for big corporations, Republicans aren’t concerned about keeping good jobs and opportunities in Michigan. They’re focused on helping large companies, not workers. We’ll always be a partner that Michigan workers can count on.

Reliable Infrastructure

You shouldn’t have to worry about how safe your roads are or how clean your water is. By investing in our infrastructure, we can fix problems that affect our everyday lives.

Roads & Bridges

We need better and safer roads. We rely on our infrastructure every day and we shouldn’t have to worry about our cars being damaged by the roads we drive on. Michigan’s infrastructure should be tough, reliable, and safe. That’s why we introduced bills to do the following:

Republicans think that they can rebuild our infrastructure with cheap, quick fixes that will only cause more problems. To fix Michigan’s roads and bridges, we need long-term investment so we can rebuild them to last.

Clean Water

The water coming out of your faucet shouldn’t be something you worry about. Outdated wastewater and drinking water infrastructure is a problem that affects Michiganders across the state. To make sure that all Michigan families have clean, safe water, we introduced bills to do the following:

Republicans aren’t interested in fixing basic infrastructure problems to make sure Michigan families have clean and reliable water. Whether it’s the water in our faucets or lakes, they’re not going to bring solutions to the table so we can get things done.

Broadband Internet Access

When school and work moved online during the pandemic, the disparity in internet access became more evident. Broadband internet access should be available to everyone. With reliable internet access, students can complete homework, doctors can provide virtual office visits, and seniors can connect with their families.

When it comes to investment in Michigan and our rural families, Republicans can’t be trusted to deliver solutions that last and actually solve problems. We’re working to ensure broadband internet access is a vital piece of infrastructure for the 21st century.

Health Care

Democrats have always gone to bat for your family’s ability to access the healthcare services they need. We’ll make sure that Michiganders across the state can get the help they need, including mental health support.

Medical Care

Access to medical care is important. We work hard to defend and protect healthcare on behalf of Michigan families. We’re committed to making healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyday Michiganders. We’re doing the following to make sure you and your family have access to healthcare services:

Time after time, Republicans at every level of government have tried to eliminate healthcare access for families who need it. Michiganders should not have to worry about their healthcare being constantly under attack. We’re always going to have your back and we know that access to medical care is something no Michigander should have to go without.

Mental Health Care

We’re fighting for everyone to have access to mental help through services and resources. That’s why we work to provide more support and funding for mental health and why we supported legislation that does the following:

Republicans are too busy trying to take away our healthcare to recognize that Michigan needs more support and access for mental health care. The need for mental health care is just as important as medical care. We believe that supporting better mental health care in Michigan is key to supporting Michiganders.

Protection for Our Great Lakes

With the longest freshwater coastline in the country, our Great Lakes are a treasure worth taking care of. Pollution causes our Great Lakes to suffer from serious issues, like toxic algal blooms, which can be dangerous. 

We’re working hard to make sure that we can keep fishing and swimming in our Great Lakes for generations to come. We introduced legislation that does the following:

Michigan Republicans don’t think pollution and privatization of our greatest freshwater resources is an important priority. They aren’t doing anything to protect the beautiful lakes in our communities and backyards. As House Democrats, we know that we have to take care of our natural resources and environment if we want to keep enjoying them.