Laurie Pohutsky

Fighting for Working Families

Laurie currently lives in Livonia with her husband, Mark, who grew up here. She grew up just a couple miles away in Redford. She has always been dedicated to bettering her community and helping others through various civic engagement events. Laurie has always understood the challenges that everyday citizens face.

Laurie’s mom, a nurse, and dad, a Teamster and city employee, taught her the values of service and hard work. A microbiologist, Laurie struggled to find work like many young people today when she moved back to her home community of metro Detroit. She understands the struggles so many families face with stagnant wages and rising costs of living. She’s running to prioritize affordable healthcare, safe roads and bridges, and clean drinking water for all. Laurie Pohutsky is a champion for families, an advocate for families, and a fighter for clean water.

She shares in the frustrations of others who have serious concerns about the economy, student debt, and obtaining a living wage. Laurie has been dedicated to political activism and creating positive change for all in her community through her work in the Livonia Democratic Club, grassroots efforts, and her time dedicated at Angela Hospice. Laurie Pohutsky has always been committed to working across the aisle to get things done for our community.

Laurie believes in:

  • Holding drug companies accountable for price gouging
  • Ensuring access to safe, clean drinking water
  • Improving the quality of our schools
  • Fixing our broken roads and bridges

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