Tanya Cabala

Fighting for Working Families

Tanya is a lifelong resident of Whitehall, and she has always been dedicated to serving her community. She has served 3 terms on the Whitehall City Council, and has formed community groups that aim to reduce pollution in the Great Lakes.

Tanya’s appreciation for the Great Lakes began as a child. She loved walking Michigan’s sugar sand beaches and looking out the window, waiting for her dad and grandpa to come home from fishing with a fresh catch for dinner. Tanya’s subsequent efforts over 20-years resulted in the 2014 removal of White Lake from a list of polluted hot spots. Her effort in bringing the community together to protect the Great Lakes has provided a solid economic foundation for the White Lake area.

Tanya has also organized community members and led efforts to restore natural resources in her area and hold beach cleanups. She has worked with state and federal government officials to find solutions to protect our greatest natural resources and build the area’s economic future. Tanya Cabala has always been committed to working across the aisle to get things done for our community.

Tanya Cabala is an advocate for clean water, seniors, and affordable health care.

Tanya believes in:

  • Cleaning up toxic pollution to ensure safe drinking water
  • Protecting our environment and the Great Lakes
  • Repairing our broken roads and infrastructure
  • Making healthcare more accessible and affordable

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